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‘What have philosophers and neuroscientists ever done for coaching?’

  7 pm – 9 pm Thursday 4th April 2019


What have philosophers and neuroscientists ever done for coaching?

Much of what we do in coaching is informed by the world of psychology and its cousin psychotherapy. But have you ever thought about what philosophy, supported by relatively recent findings in neuroscience has to say about the nature of human experience? Have you ever wondered why it is we sometimes have great times whilst on other days our moods seem pretty hard to fathom?

In this session Roger Martin will be outlining some simple philosophical / neuroscientific findings before inviting you to “try them on” and see if they help explain how you and clients experience your time together. Expect some interesting questions and conversations that might just lead you to some conclusions you’ve not reached before!  

Roger Martin

Roger is a member of Kingston Coaching and runs a business called The Mindset Difference. He helps senior leaders and teams understand what helps them generate their own insights into a variety of different business challenges facing them. He also blogs on topics related to leadership and organisational culture.  

Upstairs Private Meeting Room

(accessed via the stairs, through the door marked PRIVATE at the back of the downstairs bar

any problems, please ask behind the bar for directions or ring me on my mobile 075154 57301)

The Druid’s Head

Kingston Marketplace

Kingston upon Thames


£5.00 entry

6.30pm Chat and Socialise

7.00pm Start time

9.00pm Finish