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Integrating NLP in Your Coaching Practice

7 pm – 9 pm Thursday 3rd October 2019

Peter Freeth

Integrating NLP in Your Coaching Practice

As a coach, you have most likely come across NLP. You might have already trained in NLP, or read some books, or heard about its potential. But what is NLP, really, from a coach’s point of view? Simply a useful toolkit, or something far more valuable and interesting?

Peter Freeth is a Master Trainer of NLP and author of over a dozen books on the subject. In this evening session, Peter will show you how a coach can easily and seamlessly integrate coaching into your practice, to effortlessly move your clients past barriers, to streamline your work and enjoy a new level of impact in the work that you do.

On one level, you’ll learn some useful tools. On a deeper level, you might transform the way that you think about yourself and your clients. How would that be valuable for you?

The workshop will be practical, so you’ll have the opportunity to try out some ideas, which might be familiar, or might be new, and will certainly open up new opportunities for you and your clients.


Upstairs Private Meeting Room

(accessed via the stairs, through the door marked PRIVATE at the back of the downstairs bar – any problems, please ask behind the bar for directions or ring me on my mobile 075154 57301)

The Druid’s Head

Kingston Marketplace

Kingston upon Thames


£5.00 entry

6.30pm Chat and Socialise

7.00pm Start time

9.00pm Finish