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Coach yourself with EQ

7 pm – 9 pm Thursday 1st July 2021 (online)


Coach yourself with EQ    with Katharine Roff

How to generate energy, commitment and meaning in transformational coaching.

 Emotional Intelligence is nothing new, yet recently I’ve learnt a lot about the role of emotional intelligence in the work I do to support others in their learning and transformative journey. 

I’ve learnt to be more compassionate and patient with myself first. 

In this session, we’ll explore how we can use emotional intelligence to generate energy for what matters and practise skills to increase effectiveness as a coach of oneself and others. 

If you’ve been appreciating the value of EQ and realising you could probably do more with deeper understanding and practise., then this is the right session for you.

We’ll explore a simple model that asks powerful questions to get us activating EQ straight away. We’ll consider the potential for using EQ in coaching and developmental conversations.

You’ll takeaway new understanding about how to apply EQ in everyday situations and be able to support clients to start using more EQ for themselves.

 I look forward to joining you in July

Katharine Roff  –  Bridging the gap between thinking and doing

Katharine is the Network Director for Europe with Six Seconds, the global non-profit dedicated to growing emotional intelligence. Her work involves supporting individuals, teams and organisations across Europe to develop and practise emotional intelligence to increase personal and organisational effectiveness. As a presenter and facilitator, the focus of her work is on bridging the gap between thinking and doing, engaging emotions and enabling people to make practical and sustainable change for good. Hallmarks of her work include creativity, lively experiential learning and a solutions focussed collaborative approach. Prior to joining Six Seconds, Katharine owned and managed multiple learning and development businesses specialising in attitude and behaviour change. Key experience includes work with oil & gas, chemical, construction and automotive industries, serving to design and deliver creative solutions for change in safety culture. Katharine’s work in health and social care sectors has won awards for developing creative programmes to support leadership and people development.

BA Hons Applied Drama, 6 Seconds EQ Facilitator, CIPD (UK)  Certified Trainer, Neuro Linguistics Licensed Trainer.

This is a free online event, a link for the evening will be sent closer to the date.
Please register early to take the survey to generate your ‘Unlocking EQ’ report.