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Coming up in our programme in 2022



We will be back after our Summer Break!


                                    Our last Meeting… 

                                     7 pm – 8.30 pm Thursday 7th July 2022 (online)

Do you know what you want?   Connecting to the body’s wisdom

with Wendy Sullivan & Dr. Paul Field



Do you know what you want?  Connecting to the body’s wisdom

 As coaches we ask clients for their desired outcome – but how do clients know if they’re accessing what they really want, or what they ‘think’ they want?  

 Many things prevent us from being aware of our authentic needs, let alone voicing them.  

However, when we go directly to the body, to our felt-sense, it’s possible to quickly start to discover the intricate ways we override ourselves, and uncover our genuine desires. 

The session starts with insightful activities to strengthen your noticing of what you want. Then you’ll use a new Clean Language coaching process to tap into the body’s subtle messages and inner guidance to help your clients discover their authentic wants and needs. 

In this session, you’ll: 

  • Learn a practical process to use straight away in your coaching 
  • Understand how to connect to the body’s wisdom when coaching 
  • Start to uncover the network of desires and counter-desires within your body 
  • Learn a new way to tackling outcomes that keep eluding you or your clients 


Wendy Sullivan
Trainer, Psychotherapist, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Wendy Sullivan has worked in the field of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling for around 20 years. She has both studied and worked with the originators, David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, and is one of the most experienced trainers in the field.

Wendy is also a qualified trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and uses elements of this alongside Clean Language in her work with individual clients, and business teams.

Dr Paul Field
Trainer, Coach and Coach Supervisor

Paul Field is a certified Clean Facilitator, Clean Trainer and Clean Assessor. He’s a speaker at international conferences and innovator of new techniques in Clean Language, including Modeller’s Mind, Embodied Clean, The Binds Process and Persona Modelling.

Paul applies Clean in business with executives and teams, combining it with leadership, agile and product development. For one-to-one coaching, he uses Clean, embodiment and trauma-informed approaches to help women overcoming sexual and emotional trauma and difficult relationships.


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a Zoom link for the evening will be published closer to the date.