What is Coaching?

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a form of support, built on trust and honesty, which assists people in developing a greater understanding of their capabilities, empowering them to make decisions and take actions, and so creating changes to achieve their full potential.

The coaching approach is that the person being coached is the expert in what is right for them, and has the answers within, so our role is not to give advice or tell clients what to do.

It is not teaching, mentoring, counselling, therapy or just a way of someone else finding the solutions for you. The person being coached holds the responsibility for their own lives and the results they get from coaching.

Ultimately, coaching is about clarifying goals, identifying possibilities, deciding what to do and taking action.

Please read our briefing ‘Find the Right Coach’ on how to choose a coach who is right for you.

How it works

Sessions usually last around one hour and can be either face to face or over the telephone. Face to face coaching can take place at the client’s premises or another convenient venue by agreement.

A series of sessions is usually preferable as it enables the coaching relationship to develop, allows momentum to build and encourages action as progress is made from one session to another.

The typical starting point is a series of 6 sessions, but for some people it may be more appropriate to begin with a shorter series, or even a one-off session.

In each session, the coach will use a combination of listening, questioning, observation and feedback to support the person being coached to develop a greater understanding of their circumstances and generate new ways to resolve issues, with a focus on improving results and achieving their goals.

Benefits of Coaching

The benefits have been researched in both business and individual coaching contexts, and there is strong evidence to show that engaging in professional coaching can dramatically improve performance and results, as well giving better work-life balance and feelings of living a satisfying personal and professional life of your choosing.

By working with a coach, you will benefit from knowing there is someone there to guide and support your development; someone who wants you to reach your full potential just as much as you do. A coaching relationship will help you gain clarity on what you want to achieve, and how to get there. Research shows that coaching helps this happen more quickly and effectively because of the accountability your coach will ensure there is in relation to setting your intentions and identifying clear and specific goals.

Find the Right Coach

A coaching relationship is very powerful when there is the right match of coach and coachee. Finding the coach that’s right for you can involve choosing:

  • a coach that’s experienced in the coaching needs you have, whether that’s life coaching, personal development, business coaching or leadership skills. Kingston Coaches have backgrounds and expertise in a wide range of coaching areas, so we will be able to help you in finding the right coach for your specific needs.
  • a coach who is qualified to the level which suits you. Again Kingston Coaches have a wide range of professional experience and qualifications, so we can advise you on what to look for, and direct you towards a coach who matches your requirements.
  • someone you trust and feel 100% comfortable working with. This can be a very personal decision and vary from client to client. A good starting-point is the coach’s web-site and the testimonials from previous clients. Kingston Coaching includes a Directory of Associate Members so you can start your research on-line, and then make contact with the coach/es you are interested in finding out more about.


Because we know how important it is to get the right coach to work with, Kingston Coaching will make every effort to help match you with the coach you tell us you are looking for. We are a professional and supportive network of coaches, so we will make sure each client is working with the coach that suits them best.